Friday, September 11, 2009

we have begun!

   Founders artists have already begun to exercise their creative muscles with a short drawing assignment. They chose playing cards that had questions on them such as: "what if people lived in the ocean and fish lived on land?", "what if everyone was magnetic?" and, my all time favorite, "what if a dragon was your next door neighbor?". The great art education theorist, Maxine Greene, said something at a conference that continues to drive my perspective about how I teach.  She stated that "it is necessary, for greatness, that children be capable of imagining the world could be other than it is".  Creativity endures as one of the most powerful tools for change whether your 'medium' is art, engineering, social activism, law.
   Gerry Spence, the 'winning-est' lawyer in the United States, says that creativity is the key to greatness in any those right-brained muscles are good for you, no matter what you grow up to be!
   Artists are constantly saying to themselves "I wonder, what if?" and these student artists are no different. They are drawing, what the world might look like to them if these "what ifs" were true!
   Please pardon our plain looking studio...we are just getting started!

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