Saturday, September 26, 2009

ten important reasons kids should study art....

I am paraphrasing an article written by Eldon Katter, co-author of Exploration in Art, that is important and informative. He wrote it to serve as 'talking points' making a case for the maintaing of arts programs in the schools, which in many parts of our country, fall victim to the educational 'belt tightening' of tough economic times.

+ art education nourishes creative ability.
Children who study art learn how to discover original solutions to problems, discover innovative techniques, and are informed by the risk-taking and use of the imagination that artistic studies provide.

+ art education fosters communication skills
The complex graphics and fast paced imagery of the new media communicates ideas that need to be understood, analyzed, and critically discussed. art education provides the language of comprehension for this new media.

+art education offers marketable skills for the workplace of the future
The study of art develops qualities employers say they look for in employees: engagement in analytical and creative thinking, ability to develop and deliver product, a disciplined approach to personal skill development and a collaborative work skill set.

+art education will enhance our children's ability to compete in the global marketplace
Twenty first century skills will require sophisticated visual understanding. Daniel Pink, in his book A Whole New Mind, says that in the next millennium, right-brainers will rule the world! I highly recommend you read this book. Careers such as architecture, product design, computer imaging, communications and science rely heavily on visual training.

+art education improves student achievement in all areas of the curriculum
Skills and attributes cultivated by the study and making of art include:creativity, imagination,problem solving, critical thinking,self expression, self esteem transfer across to other studies.

+studying art encourages the attributes of self discipline and persistence

+studying art teaches about human nature and cultural diversity

+studying art encourages the participation of family, community and business
What better way to bring parents to school, for an art show, or connect school to the 'real world' than by inviting businesses, cultural institutions and the like to partner with student artists in their education?

+art making is basic to life
Art is the language of human expression. We use our visual sense to give meaning to the world around us. We take in information and create understandings daily in advertising, fashion, movies, architecture, media....each other's facial they say, our eyes are the first place we take in and process information. The study of art helps us to define and understand ourselves and our world.


  1. Thank you for sharing that insight about art ed. It's in line with the research based philosophy that children's cognitive abilities are better developed when learning through a holistic, mulitdisciplinary approach. This approach presents material that is based on reality, like non fiction writing, historical events, everyday mathmatical problems, (such as counting change) and personal creativity, rather than fluff material which is considered entertainment. Thanks for basing your program on solid pedagogy that will enhance the development of our children's cognitive abilities.

  2. Excellent stuff, Thanks for sharing on this with us, I truly appreciate it.



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