Friday, October 19, 2012

Exploring a new tool...

We are exploring is the question of whether or not an artist can capture the essence of a particular subject, without rendering it in a realistic form. Here is a sneak peek at the beginnings of a lesson called "Picasso Dogs". Please take special notice of the fancy schmancy paintbrushes we are learning to use! These are  specially designed watercolor brushes by Pentel that carry water in the barrel handle. We have a fairly unanimous thumbs up that we love them...they are not the best for larger work, and some students have chosen to work with traditional brushes, but these are wonderful for smaller watercolors and details. I believe that exposure to the tools of art making is what truly helps a young artist learn to express themselves....its like learning a new language...the more vocabulary you have, well the better you can get your ideas out of your mind and imagination and onto the page!

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